Who Makes Onn TVs For Walmart?

Onn is one of Walmart’s most popular electronics brands, known for affordable TVs available only at the big box store. However, many consumers don’t realize Onn products are privately designed – so who manufactures these budget TVs? Understanding the companies behind the label provides insights for buyers on quality expectations.

When shopping for an inexpensive TV, the Onn brand at Walmart stands out – but the mystery of who truly makes these sets lingers. Demystifying the manufacturer provides transparency on components, warranty support, and track record and allows buyers to make the best choice for their needs and budget.

While Onn TVs are exclusively sold through Walmart, multiple overseas factories collaborate with the retailer for production. Taiwanese manufacturer TCL is responsible for many entry-level Onn models, leveraging its expertise in budget electronics. Other plants in China and Mexico supply various screen sizes. Quality differs depending on facilities, so comparing specs assists buyers in matching needs with manufacturer reputation and support.

Who Owns Onn TVs Brand?

Who Owns Onn TVs Brand?

The Onn brand itself is owned by Walmart, which designs the TVs to meet internal specifications before outsourcing manufacturing. As the retailer focuses on sales and distribution, it partners with factories globally to handle electronics production, including Hisense TVs. As one of Walmart’s manufacturing partners, Hisense helps produce many Onn-branded televisions at their factories.

While Onn TVs are “powered by” various OEMs, Walmart maintains legal ownership of the brand name, model designs, warranties, and customer service handling through their in-house Onn team. This unique hybrid model allows Walmart to offer exclusive TV lines at highly competitive pricing by streamlining overhead costs and passing savings directly to buyers.

Who Makes Onn TVs For Walmart?

There are a few key manufacturers behind Onn TV production:

  • TCL – As one of the largest LCD TV producers, TCL Electronics is responsible for many entry-level ONN screen sizes up to 43 inches. TCL’s expertise in affordable yet decent-quality sets makes them a top partner.
  • RCA – Owned by VOXX International, this legacy brand facilitates mid-America production of a variety of Onn TV lines ranging from 24 to 55 inches.
  • Westinghouse – Operated by Skyworth, this plant in Mexico builds varying Onn TV models in the 32 to 49-inch segment.
  • Xcite – A Chinese ODM (original design manufacturer), Xcite Specialty is contracted to assemble various Onn soundbars as well as small on-n-go TVs.

Whereas name brand factories concentrate on specific sizes, Onn relies on multiple facilities to efficiently mass produce the diverse product portfolio – all privately labeled exclusively for Walmart shoppers. Understanding the manufacturers offers insights for owners on longevity, updates and serviceability.

Where Are Onn TVs Manufactured?

While Onn TVs are an exclusive brand for Walmart stores, manufacturing takes place overseas through various factories:


Chinese plants remain a top source for many Onn TV components and small screen assembly. Cities like Guangdong house facilities for generic parts as well as smaller TVs up to 24 inches.


The Westinghouse factory in Tijuana handles mid-sized Onn TV production between 32-49 inches. Nearshoring to Mexico simplifies logistics for the North American market.


In addition to set design, Taiwanese partner TCL operates plants constructing many entry-level Onn models up to 43 inches. Quality control tends to be stringent in Taiwan.

United States

Some Onn soundbars and larger TVs between 50-65 inches are finished in RCA’s Kentucky facility. Domestic assembly offers employment while minimizing shipping distances.

Consolidating production across Asia, Latin America and the U.S. allows Onn to leverage low overseas manufacturing costs while coping with demand fluctuations. Outsourcing to reputable overseas factories also benefits from partner experience at mass scale manufacturing.

Onn TV: Warranty, Website, and Support

Though manufactured overseas, Onn TVs are backed by Walmart’s robust product protection. A 1-year manufacturer warranty covers defects and includes in-store handling or mail-in repairs. On Walmart.com, detailed specs, manuals and support pages exist for each Onn model. The site also has driver downloads, firmware updates and TV calibration guides. 

A support center reachable by phone or chat responds to issues. While no on-site service exists, policies allow returns within 90 days. Third-party extended warranties offer additional piece of mind. Overall, Walmart’s streamlined website and U.S.-based support team address needs competently despite international production and provide assurance equal to most major brands.

Consumer Complaints About Onn TVs:

While Onn TVs offer excellent value at low prices, some customers have reported issues that are important to be aware of. One common complaint is premature screen failure, with some sets developing pixels only months after purchase. Build quality can also be inconsistent between manufacturers, with cheaper components like plastics feeling less durable. Sound quality has also been a criticism of thinner Onn models. 

Software bugs and lagginess are more likely than premium brands as well. On the other hand, many happy owners attest Onn’s customer support is excellent about replacing defective units still in warranty. Doing research on the specific factory making each model can help manage quality expectations from a budget brand. Overall customer satisfaction seems high when factoring the lowcost value proposition.

Why Are Onn TVs So Cheap?

There are a few key factors that allow Onn TVs to undercut most competitors on price. Firstly, Walmart handles all branding, marketing, web support and warranty fulfillment internally, saving significantly on these overhead costs. They also leverage massive bulk orders to negotiation deep discounts from manufacturers. Additionally, Onn TVs often utilize simpler features compared to high-end sets, relying on basic smart functionality rather than cutting-edge tech. 

Build quality utilizes basic components and streamlined designs as well. Finally, Walmart accepts lower profit margins on TVs as a loss leader to attract customers into stores. All of these measures mean savings are passed directly to buyers in the form of extraordinarily affordable price tags that still provide decent value for money entertainment.

Are Onn TVs Any Good? 

While Onn TVs are very inexpensive, they can still deliver respectable value and performance for the price. Reviews indicate that picture quality is usually on par with other budget brands, with decent color and black levels. Build quality varies somewhat between manufacturers and models, but most Onn TVs hold up well for daily use. 

The smart platforms offer all common apps and streaming, even if they may be slightly laggy at times. Customer service and warranty coverage through Walmart are also strong points. While not as robust as higher-end sets, Onn TVs are good options for basic living room use if you prioritize saving money above all else. For the low costs, many consider them a worthwhile option.

Pros Of Onn TVs

  • Affordable Pricing
    Onn TVs offer big screens on a smaller budget, with models hundreds less than comparable brands. Their value proposition is hard to beat.
  • Decent Picture Quality
    Reviews note color and Black levels surpass expectations for the low costs. Enough for everyday entertainment.
  • Full Smart Platforms
    Access to all major streaming services and apps provides convenience on par with higher-end TVs.
  • Reliable Warranty Support
    Walmart’s easy 1-year coverage and customer-friendly policies reduce risk more than no-name import brands.
  • Convenient Accessibility
    Found exclusively at Walmart stores and website, no hunting at specialty shops required.
  • Variety of Sizes
    Onn offers a huge lineup from small bedrooms to living room centers, with sizes from 19 to 75 inches.
  • Simple Functionality
    No-frills designs and interfaces remain user-friendly for novice users or kids’ rooms.

Cons Of Onn TVs

  • Limited Customization
    Basic smart OS may lag premium models in settings control and calibration options.
  • Simpler Upscaling
    4K image processing is adequate but not as sophisticated as higher-end processors.
  • Plastic Build Quality
    Lower-cost materials feel less sturdy than metal/glass found on pricier brands.
  • Potential Durability Issues
    Some owners report earlier-than-expected screen or component failures.
  • Basic Speakers & Sound
    Audiophiles require external soundbar due to thin built-in speakers.
  • Limited Local Dimming
    Black levels can appear washed out without full-array backlighting.
  • Factory Quality Variances
    Performance may differ depending on specific manufacturer of each model.
  • No Installation Services
    Professional calibration or wall-mounting requires hiring external technician.
  • Few Tweaks Over Time
    Firmeware/app updates tend to be less frequent than flagship TV brands.

How long do Onn TVs last?

As a more affordable TV brand, Onn models are not designed with the same longevity expectations as higher-end brands. However, many Onn owners report their TVs lasting several years with normal daily use before needing to be replaced. On average, Onn TVs seem to have a usable lifespan of around 3-5 years before potential issues could arise. Of course, factors like manufacture quality, care taken, hours powered on each day, and the specific model will impact reliability. 

Some owners have used their Onn TV for over 5 years with no issues. However, others have reported earlier than expected failures or dimming after 1-3 years. The 1-year warranty should cover any defects, and extended warranties can provide extra peace of mind. But in general, Onn TV buyers should expect a TV lifetime comparable to other entry-level brands in the 3-5 year range.

Comparison Of Onn TVs to Other Famous Brands

Onn vs. Vizio TVs

Brand ComparisonOnn TVsVizio TVs
PricingMore affordableHigher price points
Smart FeaturesBasic smart featuresMore advanced platforms
Build QualityPlastic build qualityMix of plastic and metal
CustomizationLimited customizationMore display options

Onn vs. Hisense TVs

Brand ComparisonOnn TVsHisense TVs
PricingLowest pricesCompetitively priced
DesignsBasic designsSleek modern looks
Size EmphasisVariety of sizesEmphasis on larger sizes
SupportReliable supportGrowing support

Onn vs. TCL TVs

Brand ComparisonOnn TVsTCL TVs
PerformanceEntry-level performanceBetter crisp images
InterfacesSimple interfacesFeature-rich OS
FocusAffordability focusBalance of price and quality
RetailersIn Walmart onlyWide retailer availability

Should You Buy An Onn TV?

There are several factors to consider when deciding if an Onn TV is a worthwhile purchase. Onn TVs offer excellent value for their extremely affordable price point. As long as realistic expectations are set regarding their entry-level performance and features, many users find Onn TVs deliver satisfactory picture quality for everyday use. Their accessibility through Walmart and reliable warranty support also provide reassurance. 

However, if top-tier picture quality, customization options, or future-proof technology are priorities, it may be worth spending more for a better-known brand. For basic television in secondary rooms or tight budgets, Onn is a decent choice. But for primary viewing or those wanting the latest specs, premium brands presenting better long-term value. Consider your specific needs and budget – Onn shines for absolute lowest cost, while stepping up in price may yield better products.

Where Can You Buy Onn TVs?

Where Can You Buy Onn TVs?

As an exclusive Walmart brand, Onn TVs can only be purchased directly through the big box retailer. Walmart carries the full range of Onn models in all of their physical stores across the United States. 

This provides consumers easy access to shop the Onn selection in-person and compare different screen sizes side-by-side. Additionally, every Onn TV is available to buy online through Walmart.com, making it simple to shop from home and have the TV delivered. Walmart stores and their site are the sole providers of Onn merchandise. 

This simplified buying process through a single major retailer helps keep Onn TV prices low. Shoppers won’t find Onn televisions sold through other stores or independently online. For those seeking an affordable option backed by Walmart’s customer service, their outlets are the sole place to purchase an Onn brand television.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Onn a Roku product?

No, Onn TVs run their own proprietary smart TV platforms, not Roku.

Is Onn or Vizio better?  

It depends on your priorities. Vizio generally has better picture quality but is more expensive. Onn is more affordable but has less features.

What type of brand is Onn TV?

Onn TV is an exclusive private label brand that is owned and distributed by retail giant Walmart. 

Is Onn a Walmart brand?

Yes, Onn is Walmart’s in-house brand for affordable consumer electronics like TVs, speakers, and more. All Onn products are exclusively sold through Walmart stores and their website.

Final Thoughts

While Onn is an exclusive Walmart brand, the TVs sold under this label are manufactured by well-known electronics companies. Depending on the model and year, factories owned by companies like TCL, Hisense, and Skyworth are likely producing each Onn television behind the scenes. Walmart works closely with these factories to source reliable TVs that can be sold at sharp price points under their in-house name. This arrangement allows Onn TVs to deliver affordable value without comprising quality entirely.In the end, Onn TVs allow budget-conscious buyers to get bigger screens for less through Walmart. As long as expectations align with the low costs, most users report satisfaction. Partnering with proven TV manufacturers helps maintain standards too. While specs and features won’t rival premium brands, Onn televisions offer a sensible basic option for entertainment on a restricted price range.


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