Who Makes Insignia TVs?

Looking for an affordable TV option with all the essential features? Enter Insignia, a rising star in the crowded TV market. With so many new brands vying for attention, understanding the company behind the product is key to making a confident choice.

Delve into my thorough research on Insignia and its television offerings, equipping you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have all the insights you need to confidently add an Insignia TV to your cart, armed with a comprehensive understanding of the brand and its products.

Stay tuned until the final paragraph for a deep dive into Insignia’s background and the current makers of their TVs. By the conclusion of this article, you’ll have the clarity to determine whether an Insignia TV deserves a spot in your entertainment setup.

History Of Insignia TVs

Best Buy Co. Inc., the renowned American multinational consumer electronics giant headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, currently holds the reins of the well-known electronics label, Insignia. Established in 1986, Insignia found itself under Best Buy’s wing in 2009.

Under the stewardship of Best Buy, Insignia underwent a transformative journey, with concerted efforts aimed at bolstering its presence and reach within the electronics sphere. Through strategic maneuvers and investments, Insignia swiftly ascended to become a household name, solidifying its status as a formidable player in the electronics domain.

The driving force behind Insignia’s meteoric rise lies in its unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch products at wallet-friendly price points, a philosophy that has resonated profoundly with consumers worldwide seeking value-driven options in the realm of television technology.

Who Makes Insignia TVs?

Numerous industry experts assert that Hisense, a prominent Chinese firm, stands as the driving force behind Insignia’s TV lineup, particularly its premium offerings. Hisense is reputed for crafting high-end television sets, including those integrated with Amazon Fire TV functionalities, tailored specifically for the Insignia brand.

Conversely, the production of more budget-friendly Insignia TVs is attributed to various other Chinese manufacturers, albeit with potential disparities in quality compared to their Hisense-made counterparts.

Furthermore, certain reports suggest that the same Chinese manufacturer responsible for supplying electronics to Samsung is also involved in producing Insignia TVs. This correlation arises from similarities observed in their model numbering conventions, hinting at potential shared manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, there’s a notable similarity between the memory modules utilized in Insignia electronics and those employed by Samsung. Consequently, many individuals speculate that a common Chinese manufacturer is responsible for supplying electronics to both Insignia and Samsung. However, it’s important to note that Best Buy has yet to confirm this connection.

Who Owns Insignia TVs?

Best Buy, the renowned American electronics retail powerhouse headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, is the proud owner and operator of Insignia Electronics. Best Buy’s reputation in the market extends far beyond TVs, encompassing a diverse array of products ranging from refrigerators and gaming devices to cameras, tablets, accessories, and beyond.

With its expansive reach, Best Buy isn’t confined to the borders of the United States alone. Its international footprint spans across Canada and Mexico, ensuring customers beyond American shores have access to its extensive product lineup.

Ezoic Where Are Insignia TVs Made?

Best Buy, a multinational electronics corporation with operations spanning the United States, Canada, and Mexico, doesn’t engage in TV manufacturing themselves. Instead, they procure components from various global electronics manufacturers.

These components sourced from worldwide manufacturers are typically assembled in Asia, primarily in China and Vietnam. However, the precise location of Insignia TV manufacturing remains undisclosed or unknown to the public.

Are Insignia TVs Any Good?

While Insignia TVs present a commendable option offering decent quality at a budget-friendly price point, they may not rank as the top contenders in the market, particularly when stacked against pricier, high-end models boasting superior specifications and features.

Granted, the display quality of Insignia TVs, including factors like contrast ratios and 4K imaging, might not match the awe-inspiring performance of their more costly counterparts. However, if your priority is a TV that delivers solid performance and essential features without breaking the bank, Insignia emerges as a viable choice, especially with its 4K UHD models featuring Fire TV integration.

It’s worth noting that Insignia TVs may not encompass all the premium bells and whistles found in higher-end, expensive alternatives.

How Long Do Insignia TVs Last?

As per numerous user accounts, an Insignia TV has the potential to endure for up to seven years, notwithstanding rigorous usage. Nevertheless, the longevity of the TV is heavily contingent on how it’s utilized. Prolonged and uninterrupted usage, such as leaving it operational throughout the day, may diminish its lifespan.

An essential practice to uphold is allowing the TV screen to cool down by powering it off at least twice daily. This simple measure not only preserves the TV’s condition but also contributes to extending its lifespan, ensuring more years of uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

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Why Are Insignia TVs So Cheap?

Insignia TVs stand out for their affordability compared to other brands, largely due to their manufacturing process in countries like China and Vietnam. These nations boast lower labor costs, effectively trimming down the production expenses associated with their TVs. Consequently, this cost-efficient approach enables Insignia to extend its TVs to consumers at markedly lower and more accessible price points.

How Long Is The Warranty Of Insignia TVs?

Insignia TVs are accompanied by a one-year warranty from the purchase date, applicable exclusively to brand-new units. This warranty extends coverage to any malfunctions arising from manufacturing defects or issues incurred during the production process.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that the warranty excludes coverage for accidental damage, cosmetic impairments, power surges, lightning strikes, or damage resulting from misuse or neglect. In the event of any concerns within the initial year, customers can return their TV to Best Buy for necessary repairs facilitated under warranty.

Pros And Cons Of Insignia TVs

Here’s a breakdown outlining the advantages and disadvantages of Insignia TVs. This resource aims to assist you in determining the suitability of an Insignia TV for your needs.

Affordable pricesDisplay quality may be lower than high-end TVs
Decent performance for their priceLimited availability of high-end features
Wide range of screen sizes/resolutionsNot the best option for high-end gaming
Suitable for casual viewing/streamingDurability is lower compared to high-end TVs
Available with built-in Fire TVLimited brand reputation compared to top brands

What Sets Insignia TVs Apart from Other Brands

Insignia TVs distinguish themselves from other brands for the following reasons:


Insignia stands out by providing TVs at more budget-friendly rates compared to similar models from competing brands, rendering it a favored option among budget-conscious consumers.


Despite their affordability, Insignia TVs maintain high standards of quality. These televisions are crafted using top-notch components and undergo rigorous testing to guarantee both durability and performance.

Exclusive Retailer:

Benefiting from its status as Best Buy’s exclusive brand, Insignia TVs leverage the retailer’s robust marketing strategies and customer support resources to enhance its visibility and service offerings.

Best Insignia TVs To Check Out

Explore these three standout models from Insignia TVs that warrant your attention:

1: Insignia NS-43F301NA22 TV

Packed with an array of impressive features, this TV emerges as the optimal selection for individuals on a budget. Moreover, the setup process is remarkably straightforward, allowing you to dive into a vast library of over 1 million TV shows, movies, and more immediately after installation.

Below is a customer review of the Insignia NS-43F301NA22 TV shared by The Lopez Family on Amazon:

“This TV set is fantastic. What stands out the most to me is the sound quality—it’s so impressive that you don’t even need a sound bar. It’s a thoroughly modern TV with all the features you’d expect. The picture quality is also outstanding. Plus, the voice control feature is a game-changer; simply press the button and command it to open any app you desire, and it effortlessly complies. Amazing.”

2: Insignia F30 Series TV

If you’re in search of a TV with top-notch sound quality, look no further than this model from Insignia. It boasts a special DTS Sound Studio feature, ensuring an exceptional auditory experience. Additionally, it delivers an incredible ultra-high-definition display, elevating your viewing of 4K movies and TV shows to new heights.

Here’s a customer review of the Insignia F30 Series TV from Cameron on Amazon:

“Back in 2015, I purchased a 42″ TV, which was a traditional smart TV at the time. I was eager for an upgrade that would enable screencasting and provide more advanced smart capabilities. When I found this TV on sale, I couldn’t resist, and I’m extremely pleased that I waited to make my purchase because this TV is phenomenal, especially considering its price!”

3: Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 TV

Immerse yourself in the immersive viewing experience offered by this TV, characterized by deep blacks, vivid colors, and outstanding contrast, thanks to its 720p picture quality. Furthermore, it features the integrated Fire entertainment system by Amazon, granting you access to an extensive array of content.

Here’s a review of the Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 TV from Beth Warichak on Amazon:

“I adore this TV. With no requirement for cable or any additional streaming device, it’s incredibly convenient. You can easily download and utilize various apps hassle-free.”

Frequently Ask Questions:

Why is Insignia TV so cheap? 

Insignia TVs are affordable because they are Best Buy’s in-house brand, allowing them to reduce costs and pass the savings to customers.

Is Insignia an LG brand? 

No, Insignia is not an LG brand. Insignia is Best Buy’s exclusive store brand for electronics, manufactured by other OEMs like TPV and Wistron rather than LG.

Is Insignia a good brand of TV? 

Insignia TVs offer decent value for the price but tend to use lower-grade panels and processors compared to name brands. Quality can vary so reviews are recommended. 

Who is the manufacturer of Insignia TV? 

Insignia TVs are manufactured by OEM partners like TPV and Wistron Corporation rather than being produced internally by Best Buy. Best Buy contracts the manufacturing out to control costs.


To wrap up, it’s essential to understand that Insignia TVs are not produced by LG, Samsung, or any other prominent TV brand. Rather, they represent a distinct brand owned and distributed by Best Buy, the American multinational consumer electronics giant headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota.

While you may notice similarities between Insignia TVs and other brands, it’s crucial to recognize that Insignia operates independently, offering its own set of unique features and specifications tailored to its specific audience.

I trust that this article has provided valuable insights to aid you in making an informed decision when considering a new TV purchase for your home. Should you have any lingering questions regarding Insignia TVs, please feel free to post them in the comments section, and I’ll promptly address them.


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