Where Are Generac Generators Manufactured?

Generac Generators are portable power devices used to provide electricity during outages. They work by taking fuel like gas and turning it into energy people can use. Generac makes lots of generators at their factories.

Have you ever lost power during a big storm? It’s scary when the lights and heat go off. A Generac Generator could help! They keep essentials running if the power company can’t. I wonder how these helpful machines are built.

Generac Generators are manufactured at company plants located in the United States. Their headquarters and main manufacturing site are in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Here many skilled workers expertly assemble generator parts into the finished products people rely on. Other US assembly plants help meet the demand for Generac’s reliable backup power solutions.

The Wisconsin Headquarters Where It All Begins

The Wisconsin Headquarters Where It All Begins

In a small Wisconsin city, the heart of Generac’s operations beats steadily. Here, the company’s journey commences, as ideas transform into tangible power solutions. The Wisconsin headquarters serves as the nerve center, where innovative concepts take shape, and strategic decisions unfold. From executive meetings to collaborative brainstorming sessions, this bustling hub forms the genesis of Generac’s commitment to reliable power supply.

Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, the Wisconsin headquarters embodies the company’s roots. Skilled professionals collaborate, driven by a shared vision to empower communities. A Hoop Building plays host to some of these collaborations. In this vibrant setting, Generac’s story unfolds chapter by chapter, echoing the resilient spirit of the Midwest.

Skilled Assembly Employees in the Midwest

The heartbeat of Generac echoes in the skilled assembly employees scattered across the Midwest. These dedicated individuals, hailing from diverse backgrounds, converge in a symphony of expertise. With nimble fingers and keen eyes, they meticulously assemble the components that power homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure.

Midwestern craftsmanship is more than just a skill; it’s a legacy passed down through generations. Each worker on the assembly line contributes to the reliability and durability of Generac generators. In the vast expanse of the Midwest, these hands, weathered by experience, shape the future of power generation.

Additional Manufacturing Locations Assist the Main Plant

Beyond the bustling hub in Wisconsin, Generac extends its manufacturing prowess across various locations. These additional plants play a crucial role in supporting the main facility, ensuring a seamless production process. From coast to coast, these manufacturing sites contribute to meeting the escalating demand for Generac generators.

Strategically positioned, these locations enhance efficiency and minimize logistical challenges. By decentralizing production, Generac reinforces its commitment to resilience and adaptability in an ever-evolving market.

Generac Generators Creation Starts as Loose Parts

At the core of Generac’s manufacturing process lies the assembly of generators, which begins with an array of loose parts. The intricate dance of gears, circuits, and components commences, setting the stage for the birth of reliable power solutions. Each loose part carries the potential to transform into a lifeline during outages.

CountryLocationNotable Information
United StatesWaukesha, WisconsinThe headquarters and main manufacturing facility are located.
United StatesJefferson, WisconsinAnother manufacturing facility is based in Wisconsin.
United StatesEagle, WisconsinResearch and development center situated.
United StatesWhitewater, WisconsinOperations facility contributing to production.
United StatesBerlin, WisconsinAn additional manufacturing site for Generac.
United StatesOshkosh, WisconsinPlant focusing on the product

In this initial phase, precision is paramount. Every part is meticulously inspected and prepared for integration, ensuring the seamless functioning of the final product. It is in these early stages that the foundation of durability and performance is laid.

Highly Trained Technicians Put Generators Together

The culmination of loose parts into functional generators is an art mastered by highly trained technicians. These skilled professionals bring years of expertise to the assembly line, meticulously connecting each component. With precision tools and a keen understanding of electrical systems, they orchestrate the creation of powerful and dependable generators.

The assembly process is a delicate ballet, where synchronization is key. Guided by rigorous standards, these technicians ensure that every generator leaving the production line is a testament to Generac’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Stringent Quality Controls at Production Sites

Quality assurance is paramount at Generac’s production sites. Stringent controls are embedded throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that each generator meets and exceeds industry standards. From the first bolt tightened to the final inspection, attention to detail is the guiding principle.

State-of-the-art technology aids in the scrutiny of every unit. The watchful eyes of quality control teams, armed with advanced testing equipment, ensure that only top-notch generators bear the Generac name. Reliability is not just a promise; it’s a guarantee etched into each product.

Shipping Finished Power Devices Across the Nation

Once the generators pass the rigorous quality checks, they embark on a journey across the nation. Shipping hubs buzz with activity as Generac’s finished power devices are carefully loaded for transportation. From urban centers to remote landscapes, these generators are destined to illuminate lives.

Logistics teams meticulously plan routes, ensuring timely deliveries to diverse regions. The journey from production site to end-user marks the final leg of Generac’s commitment to providing power wherever it’s needed.

Popular Brand Origins from Single Wisconsin City

Generac’s popularity as a brand traces its roots back to a single Wisconsin city. What began as a local endeavor has evolved into a household name synonymous with reliability and innovation. The spirit of that quaint city is embedded in every generator bearing the Generac insignia.

The brand’s ascent is a testament to the values upheld by the community that birthed it. From humble beginnings to a nationwide phenomenon, Generac’s journey embodies the American spirit of perseverance and ingenuity.

Generators Intended to Work Wherever Needed

Generac generators are not confined by geography; they are designed to work wherever needed. From arid deserts to freezing tundras, these power solutions are crafted to withstand diverse environmental challenges. The versatility of Generac generators ensures that they seamlessly integrate into various landscapes, providing an uninterrupted power supply.

With a focus on adaptability, these generators become a reliable companion in both routine power needs and unforeseen emergencies. The commitment to universal functionality underscores Generac’s dedication to empowering lives.

Decades of Experience in Main Manufacturing Hub

Decades of Experience in Main Manufacturing Hub

The main manufacturing hub in Wisconsin stands as a testament to decades of experience. As the epicenter of Generac’s journey, this hub has witnessed the evolution of power generation technology. Decades of refining processes, embracing innovation, and learning from challenges have shaped the expertise that defines Generac today.

The main hub is not just a production site; it is a living chronicle of the company’s growth. It echoes the collective wisdom of generations of engineers, technicians, and visionaries who have contributed to making Generac a beacon of reliability in the power generation industry.


Where are Generac generators primarily manufactured?

Generac generators are primarily manufactured in multiple facilities across Wisconsin, including Waukesha, Jefferson, Eagle, Whitewater, Berlin, and Oshkosh.

Are Generac’s research and development activities concentrated in a specific location?

Generac’s research and development efforts are centered in Eagle, Wisconsin, where they focus on innovating and improving generator technologies.

Is the company’s main headquarters also involved in manufacturing?

Yes, Generac’s main headquarters in Waukesha, Wisconsin, serves as both the corporate center and a key manufacturing facility for their generators.

Are there any other significant manufacturing locations outside Wisconsin?

Generac’s manufacturing footprint extends beyond Wisconsin, but the main concentration remains within the United States, contributing to the brand’s commitment to domestic production.

What role does the Oshkosh facility play in Generac’s manufacturing process?

The Oshkosh facility is crucial to Generac’s manufacturing process, specializing in the production of generators and adding to the company’s overall manufacturing capabilities.


In the heart of the United States, Generac generators come to life across various Wisconsin locations. Places like Waukesha, Jefferson, Eagle, Whitewater, Berlin, and Oshkosh serve as the bustling hubs where these reliable power sources are crafted. The Waukesha headquarters oversees operations, while Eagle drives innovation through research and development.

Where Are Generac Generators Manufactured? The answer echoes through the state of Wisconsin, where the company’s roots run deep, and its generators find their origins. In Eagle and Oshkosh, Generac’s manufacturing journey proves its commitment to providing dependable power solutions for homes and businesses.


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