Where Are Bissell Vacuums Made?

Bissell is one of the largest vacuum cleaner brands globally. As an iconic American company that’s been around for over 150 years, many assume their appliances must be made in the USA. However, manufacturing processes have changed significantly over the decades. This guide examines where Bissell vacuums are produced today.

While Bissell retains its American heritage, globalization has impacted its production footprint as with many brands. Discover the complexities around modern vacuum assembly lines and what country’s factories construct the Bissells in your home. The answer may surprise you given their legacy.

Bissell is headquartered in Michigan with a long legacy of American-made products. However, over time mounting globalization pressures impacted manufacturing strategies. This article investigates Bissell Vacuum’s country of origin through publicly available data, reviews key models, and helps discern whether the brand truly meets expectations of American quality.

Who Makes Bissell Vacuums?

Who Makes Bissell Vacuums?

Bissell vacuums are designed by engineers at its Grand Rapids, Michigan headquarters. However, manufacturing has evolved significantly driven by changing economic pressures. Most Bissell vacuums today are assembled predominantly in China and other Asian countries with some made in the USA. The brand aims for consistent quality globally but origin depends on specific model lines.

Bissell relies on overseas contractors for mass production to remain competitive. Strict quality assurance measures ensure standards despite reduced labor costs abroad. American assembly also continues where financially viable using domestic and international sourced components. Keeping complex supply chain logistics transparent remains an ongoing challenge. The overseas contractors have extensive manufacturing experience working with brands like Bissell, helping to maintain consistent quality and efficiency in production despite the global operations.

History Of Bissell Vacuums

1876Transitioned to upright vacuums, the height of American manufacturing
1950sThe majority of vacuums are now made in Asia, and some high-end lines are built
1980sBegan sourcing components globally to cut costs
1990sFirst Chinese-assembled models launched, production shifted abroad
2000sThe majority of vacuums are now made in Asia, and some high-end lines USA built
TodayMichigan HQ, global suppliers, mixed production footprint

Bissell grew as America industrialized but globalization impacts made offshore assembly difficult to avoid long-term. Quality remains a top priority through strict process control regardless of assembly location meeting consumers’ expectations of the trusted Bissell brand.

Is Bissell a Good Vacuum brand?

Bissell builds dependable, affordable vacuums praised for pet hair removal and carpet cleaning. Their bagless cyclonic systems, tangle-free brush rolls, and powerful suction hold appeal. Decades of innovations earned consumer loyalty. However, reviews note mixed reliability for affordable models.

Premium offerings exceed budget lines in durability. Bissell stands by quality promises with warranties but low-cost units have shorter useful lifespans. Regular maintenance extends all vacuums’ functionality. Overall, Bissell delivers cleaners meeting diverse needs depending on specific needs and budget, backed by quality assurance. Their lineage emphasizes hygienic cleaning experiences that home users appreciate.

BISSELL Reviews Overview

Trustpilot Reviews

Bissell has a Trustpilot rating of 4.3/5 from over 23,000 reviews, with 81% of ratings as ‘great’ or ‘excellent’. Positive sentiments highlight suction power, affordability, and pet hair removal. Some note filters need frequent cleaning.

Ratings Distribution:

Great (5 star): 46%
Good (4 star): 35%
Average (3 stars): 13%
Poor (2 star): 4%
Bad (1 star): 2%

Pissed Consumer Reviews

On PissedConsumer, Bissell has a 2.5/5 rating from 1,000+ reviews. Dissatisfied customers mention parts failure, cleaning issues, and customer service problems. Reliability varies considerably by model.

Customer Sentiment:

58% of reviews are 1-2 stars, with 42% 3-5 star ratings. Negativity centers on durability and support aspects with affordable vacuums.

ConsumerAffairs Reviews

Bissell holds a 2.5/5 star rating on ConsumerAffairs from 4,500+ reviews. Commonly cited issues include broken parts, suction loss over time, and mold/odor problems. High-performance models fare better reputationally.

Top Reasons to Choose a Bissell Vacuum for Your Home

Bissell is known for powerful suction removing embedded dirt and embedded pet dander no other vacuum could conquer. Their tiered model lines cater to specific needs like carpeting vs hard floors, ladder attachments, filtration, and accessories. Affordability also makes Bissell an attainable brand for any budget without scrimping too much on performance basics.

Customer care teams stand ready to assist with questions, repairs, or replacements under warranty periods. Longevity varies but their reliable suction and affordability tend to attract loyal repeat customers delighting in sparkling clean homes through Bissell’s hygienic cleaning inventions. Comprehensive lines cover every family’s niche requirements.

What are some Popular Bissell Vacuum Cleaners?

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner:

A top-rated upright ideal for homes with pets, equipped for deep cleaning carpets and hard floors. Swivel steering adds maneuverability.

Bissell CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner:

A 3-in-1 appliance vacuuming, washing, and drying floors simultaneously for swift whole-home cleaning.

Bissell Cleanview Rewind Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner:

A compact but powerful bagless upright with convenient cord rewind and edge-cleaning bristles.

Bissell PowerGlide Lift-Off Pet Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

A versatile lift-off converter for above-floor cleaning with tangle-free brushes removing embedded pet hair.

Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

A lightweight stick vacuum offering 40 minutes runtime and swivel steering in cordless form for convenience.

Verdict: Are Bissell Vacuums Made in the USA?

While Bissell remains proudly American-headquartered, most production now occurs in other lower-cost countries. Only certain higher-end lines like Professional series or specialized appliances continue USA assembly. Consistency relies on offshore partners but quality monitoring maintains standards.

Bissell thrived on domestic production for over a century. But shifting global economics compelled offshore alternatives ensuring ongoing competitiveness and serving worldwide customers affordably without sacrificing core values. American ingenuity and innovation endure regardless of assembly locations.

Popular American-Made Bissell Vacuums

  • BigGreen Commercial Upright Vacuum
  • PowerForce Helix Turbo Upright Vacuum
  • Little Green ProHeat Carpet Cleaner
  • 41T3/41T4 SpotClean Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner

These professional/specialized machines target commercial/institutional customers demanding USA origin for contract compliance or preference. Quality is assured regardless of geography.

Popular Bissell Vacuums Not Made in the USA

Popular Bissell Vacuums Not Made in the USA
  • Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Vacuum
  • CrossWave All-in-One Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • Featherweight Stick Vacuum
  • AirRam Kryptonite Cordless Hand Vacuum

Many effective affordable options originate from partner nations, helping Bissell maintain accessibility. Strict processes deliver the brand’s hygienic cleaning promises to global customers affordably.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is BISSELL a UK company?

No, BISSELL is an American company headquartered in Michigan, United States.

What vacuum is made in the USA?

Some BISSELL vacuums still made in the USA include their BigGreen Commercial and PowerForce Helix Turbo upright models.

Is BISSELL owned by China?

No, BISSELL is an American company and is not owned by any Chinese company.

Is BISSELL vacuum made in the USA?

While most are made overseas now, some high-end BISSELL vacuums like their professional lines are still made in the USA. 

What company owns Bissell?

BISSELL is privately owned by Henry Bissell’s heirs and is currently led by CEO Mark Bissell. It remains an independent, family-owned American company.


In conclusion, Bissell has evolved over its long history to meet the challenges of today’s global marketplace while still retaining its American roots. Once exclusively manufactured in the US, most Bissell vacuums are now assembled overseas to remain competitive through lower costs of production. However, the brand continues striving to ensure consistent quality across its product lines no matter where they are made.

Whether sporting a ‘Made in USA’ label or not, Bissell vacuums remain an affordable and reliable choice for cleaning homes thanks to the brand’s focus on innovation, dependable performance, and standout features like tangle-free brushrolls. Customers can feel assured that strict quality standards are maintained throughout Bissell’s worldwide supply chain.


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