Where Are Skechers Shoes Made? The Truth About This Popular American Brand

Are Skechers Shoes Made in the USA?

Skechers, an American footwear brand founded in 1992, has grown into the third-largest athletic shoe company in the United States, with over $5 billion in revenue in 2019. But despite their roots in Manhattan Beach, California, the truth is that Skechers shoes are not made in the USA.

It all started with utility boots and skate shoes, but Skechers quickly expanded into casual and athletic footwear, gaining popularity with catchy ads featuring celebrities like Tony Romo. Their rise to fame began in 1999 with the iconic Skechers Sport Energy sneakers for women and men. Today, their product lineup includes everything from sandals and boots to slippers in sizes for all ages. But where are these trendy Skechers products manufactured?

The Verdict: Are Skechers Made in America?

Skechers Made in America

Unfortunately, the verdict is that Skechers shoes are not made in the USA. Most of their popular footwear is manufactured by independent contractors in China and Vietnam. While this news may not surprise a major footwear brand, it is disappointing, especially considering Skechers’ American origins and headquarters in California.

Skechers was founded by Robert Greenberg, who remains the company’s CEO. Interestingly, Skechers’s first product was not a sneaker or casual shoe but a men’s logger boot. From these humble beginnings, the brand quickly expanded its offerings and gained a foothold in the competitive athletic footwear market.

Despite their growth and success, Skechers has remained tight-lipped about their manufacturing locations. This information is not readily available on their website, not in product descriptions, FAQs, or anywhere else. While this lack of transparency is disheartening, it is not entirely surprising, as many major brands have shifted production overseas to take advantage of cheaper labor and materials.

Popular Skechers Models Not Made in the USA

Here are some of Skechers’ most popular shoe lines with evidence that they are produced overseas:

  • Men’s Work Relaxed Fit: Cessnock SR – Made in China
  • Women’s BOBS B Cute – Made in Vietnam
  • Women’s Summits Quick Getaway – Made in China

The list goes on, but you get the idea. While outsourcing production is common for big shoe companies, Skechers needs a huge opportunity. More and more conscious consumers want to buy American-made goods that create jobs and have a lower environmental impact.

Skechers’ Missed Opportunity for American Manufacturing

Imagine if Skechers brought even a portion of manufacturing back to the USA. They could tap into the growing demand for made-in-USA products, revive domestic footwear production, and be pioneers in the industry. Consumers could proudly sport sneakers with a “Made in the USA” stamp on the side.

With their California roots, Skechers has the potential to leverage their American origins and rebuild some factories at home. They have the power to change the footwear brand landscape and become a leader in domestic manufacturing.

By bringing production back to the United States, Skechers could cater to the increasing consumer demand for domestically made goods, create jobs, reduce environmental impact, and promote sustainability. Additionally, they could capitalize on their American heritage as a unique selling point to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

Furthermore, by reshoring their manufacturing, Skechers could improve product quality and shorten supply chains. Domestic production often allows for better quality control and faster response times, enabling Skechers to deliver high-quality products more efficiently to their customers.

Taking Action as Consumers

As consumers, we should voice our desire for ethical, sustainable, and transparent practices directly to brands like Skechers. They could need a little push to start a “Made in America” revolution.

You can reach out to Skechers through their social media channels, email, or other avenues to express your desire for more transparency about their Skechers origin and manufacturing locations. Encourage them to explore options for bringing production back to the USA.

Here are some ways you can make your voice heard:

  • Social Media: Tag Skechers in posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, asking about their manufacturing practices and expressing your interest in American-made options.
  • Email: Email Skechers’ customer service or corporate offices, politely but firmly inquiring about their Skechers origin and production locations, and advocating for more transparency and domestic manufacturing.
  • Online Reviews: Leave constructive feedback on review sites like Yelp or Google, highlighting your desire for made-in-USA Skechers shoes and pushing for more ethical practices.

Remember, as consumers, our voices carry weight, and by coming together, we can drive positive change in the industry.

More Investigations Into Skechers’ Practices

Skechers' Practices

To shed more light on the true costs of outsourcing, we plan to conduct further research into Skechers’ manufacturing practices, working conditions, environmental impact, and potential malpractice.

By investigating these areas, we can provide consumers with a more comprehensive understanding of Skechers’ operations and use this information to encourage the company to improve its practices and consider domestic production.

Some of the key areas we plan to explore include:

  • Working Conditions: What are the labor standards and employee treatment in Skechers’ overseas factories? Do they adhere to ethical guidelines and provide safe, fair working environments?
  • Environmental Impact: How sustainable are Skechers’ manufacturing processes? What is their carbon footprint, and are they taking steps to reduce their environmental impact?
  • Potential Malpractice: Are there any legal or ethical violations in Skechers’ supply chain, such as child labor or worker exploitation? If so, how widespread are these issues?

By diving deep into these critical areas, we aim to shed light on the true costs of outsourcing and provide consumers with the information they need to make informed decisions about supporting brands that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.

American-Made Skechers Alternatives

Since Skechers currently provides no USA-made options, here are some good American Made alternatives to consider:

New Balance

  • Men’s Retro Sneaker – Made in USA
  • Women’s Athletic Sneaker – Made in USA

New Balance is a popular brand that offers a range of American-made sneakers and footwear. Their domestically produced line includes retro-inspired designs for men and women and more modern athletic shoes.

You can support American manufacturing by choosing New Balance’s Made in USA options while enjoying high-quality, stylish footwear. New Balance has been committed to domestic production for decades, and their American-made shoes are known for their durability and attention to detail.

Other Notable American-Made Shoe Brands

In addition to New Balance, several other brands offer American Made footwear options:

  • Wolverine: Known for their high-quality work boots and shoes, Wolverine has been manufacturing in the USA since 1883. They offer a range of domestically produced styles for both men and women.
  • Okabashi: This brand specializes in comfortable, eco-friendly sandals and shoes, with many of their products made in their factory in Buford, Georgia.
  • Rancourt & Co.: Based in Lewiston, Maine, Rancourt & Co. is a family-owned business that handcrafts high-end dress shoes, boots, and moccasins using traditional New England shoemaking techniques.

Check out our American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source Guide for a comprehensive guide to American Made shoes and sneakers. This resource provides an in-depth look at various domestic brands and their made-in-the-USA offerings, making it easier for consumers to find ethical and sustainable footwear options.


Where are original Skechers made?

Many Skechers shoes are made in China and Vietnam.

How do you know if your Skechers are original?

Check for correct labels, logos, and stitching quality.

What brands of shoes are made in the United States?

Some New Balance shoes are made in the US.

Who is Skechers owned by?

Skechers is owned by Robert Greenberg, its CEO and founder.


While Skechers has grown into a major footwear brand with impressive popularity and success, their need for more transparency about manufacturing locations and the reality that their shoes are produced overseas in China and Vietnam is disappointing.

As consumers, we can drive change and push companies like Skechers to explore more ethical, sustainable, and transparent practices. By voicing our desire for American manufacturing and made-in-USA options, we can encourage Skechers to tap into this growing market demand and potentially bring some production back to the United States.

Skechers has a unique opportunity to leverage their American roots and become an industry leader in domestic manufacturing. They could revolutionize the footwear industry by offering a line of American-made Skechers products, creating jobs, reducing environmental impact, and providing consumers with the option to purchase high-quality, domestically produced shoes.

So, let’s continue pushing for more transparency from brands like Skechers and explore the fantastic American-made alternatives and options. At the same time, we wait for Skechers to step up and embrace their potential for made-in-the-USA production.

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