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There’s nothing quite like the electrifying atmosphere of attending a game or major event at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles. As one of the largest and most technologically advanced venues in the world, this magnificent stadium offers an unparalleled experience that every sports fan should witness at least once. Let’s take an in-depth look at what makes BMO Stadium a true marvel of modern architecture and a beloved landmark in the City of Angels.

BMO Stadium By the Numbers

BMO Stadium isn’t just big – it’s colossal. This behemoth of a venue boasts some jaw-dropping statistics that showcase its sheer immensity:

  • Seating Capacity: 100,240, making it one of the largest stadiums in the United States.
  • Total Square Footage: 3.1 million square feet, roughly the size of 60 football fields combined.
  • Construction Cost: A staggering $5.5 billion, reflecting the stadium’s cutting-edge design and amenities.
  • Roof Span: An incredible 1,017 feet, allowing the entire playing surface to be sheltered from the elements.
  • Video Boards: Two of the largest video boards in the world, each measuring 120 feet by 70 feet.

These eye-popping numbers only begin to scratch the surface of BMO Stadium’s grandeur. From its soaring architectural design to the implementation of state-of-the-art technology throughout, this venue truly raises the bar for modern sports facilities.

The Game Day Experience at BMO Stadium

The Game Day Experience at BMO Stadium

There’s nothing quite like being in the energetic crowd on game day at BMO Stadium. As you approach the stadium’s exterior, its sleek, futuristic silhouette cutting into the LA skyline fills you with awe and anticipation. Once inside, you’re immediately enveloped by the thunderous roar of tens of thousands of passionate fans.

Amenity Description
Concessions From classic stadium fare to high-end dining options, BMO has it all across its numerous concession stands, restaurants, and clubs.
Seating Whether you opt for standard seating or splurge on luxury suites, every seat offers an incredible view of the action.
Technology The massive 4K video boards and innovative stadium app enhance your ability to follow the game in vivid detail.
Accessibility BMO Stadium’s design emphasizes accessibility, with ample accommodations for fans with disabilities.

“Attending an event at BMO Stadium is a multi-sensory experience like no other. The energy reverberating through that enormous space is simply electric.” – John D., Season Ticket Holder

As a venue that spares no expense in offering amenities and comfort, BMO Stadium provides sports fans with memories that will last a lifetime.

Getting to BMO Stadium

With BMO Stadium’s prime location in downtown Los Angeles, getting to and from the venue is a breeze whether you’re driving or taking public transportation:


  • Over 27,000 parking spaces available in lots surrounding the stadium
  • Easy access from major highways like I-10 and I-110
  • Pro Tip: Arrive early on game days, as lots fill up quickly

Public Transit

  • The Pico/Chick Hearn station on LA Metro’s Expo Line sits right at the stadium’s doorstep
  • Numerous bus routes also provide service directly to BMO Stadium

When it comes to pre or post-game dining and drinks, the surrounding LA Live entertainment district offers a plethora of options to fit any taste and budget. From classic sports bars to upscale eateries, you’ll find the perfect spot to fuel up before cheering on your team or celebrate a hard-fought victory afterwards.

A Venue for Big Events

In addition to hosting the Los Angeles’ professional football and soccer teams, BMO Stadium has been the setting for some of the biggest sporting events in the world. This includes:

  • Super Bowl LVI in 2022
  • The 2028 Summer Olympics (Opening/Closing Ceremonies)
  • Multiple FIFA World Cup matches, including the 1994 Final
  • WrestleMania 37 in 2021
  • Numerous NCAA Final Fours
  • The 2023 Concacaf Gold Cup Final

But sports are just the beginning when it comes to the major events BMO Stadium has hosted. Over the years, this iconic venue has welcomed some of the biggest names in the entertainment world for high-profile concerts and shows:

  • The U2 360° Tour in 2011 (Breaking attendance records)
  • WrestleMania 37 in 2021
  • Co-Hosting the 2022 Grammys
  • Massive tours by music legends like The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and more

“Performing at BMO Stadium was a career highlight. That massive, state-of-the-art venue is made for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.” – Beyoncé

Whether it’s the spectacle of a Super Bowl, the grandeur of an elite international soccer match, or the energy of a sold-out concert, BMO Stadium has cemented itself as one of the premier event destinations in the world.

The Los Angeles Sports Legacy

BMO Stadium isn’t just a world-class venue – it’s an integral piece of the rich Los Angeles sports culture tapestry. As the home of the LA football and soccer teams, it joins iconic LA venues like:

  • Dodger Stadium (Home of the Dodgers since 1962)
  • Arena (Home of the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings)
  • The Rose Bowl (Annual host of the Rose Bowl Game since 1923)

The addition of BMO Stadium in the late 2010s immediately elevated LA’s sporting profile to unprecedented heights. Its cutting-edge design, amenities, and ability to host major events have made it a crown jewel of the city’s landscapes and a must-visit for sports fans worldwide.

The Future of BMO Stadium

The Future of BMO Stadium

After its smashing success hosting marquee events like Super Bowl LVI and WrestleMania 37, the future only looks brighter for BMO Stadium. The venue is already slated to host numerous high-profile happenings:

  • 2026 FIFA World Cup matches (LA is one of the U.S. host cities)
  • The College Football Playoff National Championship in 2025
  • WrestleMania 40 in 2024
  • The 2028 Summer Olympics

Additionally, BMO Stadium’s cutting-edge design allows for future expansion and renovations to continually improve the fan experience. Projects already in the works include:

  • Adding a state-of-the-art retractable roof system
  • Upgrading video boards to ultra-high-definition 8K displays
  • Expanding concessions with more diverse dining options

As LA’s sports teams chase championships and the city looks to host more major events, BMO Stadium’s role as an iconic local and global attraction will only continue to grow.

BMO Stadium is truly a marvel of design, amenities, and event hosting capabilities that deserves its reputation as one of the premier venues in the world. From its colossal size and ultra-modern architecture to the incredible fan experience it provides, this Los Angeles landmark embodies sporting grandeur on an epic scale. If you ever have the chance to attend an event at BMO Stadium, you’d be wise to seize it – this is a venue that must be experienced in person to be fully appreciated. The sights, sounds, and sheer electricity of BMO will leave you with memories that will last forever.

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